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November 2, 2013

1/48 Tamiya Fiesler Fi103 A3 (V1) #61052

  • On the bench
  • Easy subject to practice basics

1/48 Tamiya Dewoitine D.520 #68041

  • On the bench
  • Seems to be straight forward
  • A few aftermarket items
  • Will practice preshade, dot filter and wash techniques

A Pair of DFW C.V

July 26, 2014

Check them out…32040 DFW C.V (Mid Production) and 32057 DFW C.V (Late Production).  A good size plane with a lot of historical importance related to WWI.  Seek out Windsock Datafile #53.

What Could It Be?

July 19, 2014

This past week while checking for any updates on WNW’s site, I was happy to see another model announcement due to be released at the end of July.  I have been checking all of my usual sites more regularly sine 2014 is the centenary for WWI.  If you click on 32040, WNW states that the model is “Probably the single most important German aircraft of the First World War”.  What could it be?  In no particular order here is what I can come up with, but I don’t have any idea based on what they have already released: Halberstadt D.II, Fokker Dr I Triplane, Fokker D. VIII, Albatros D. III, Taube, AEG C.IV, Albatros C.VII, DFW C.V, other?  I guess we have a couple more weeks to find out.

WNW: Another Variant

June 19, 2014

There had been a few releases over the past 6 months that prompted my last post and within a week after, another release.  This time it is a manufacturer variant of the Albatros D.Va, kit #32047.  The release of variants may be considered drab by some, but I like it.  The configuration of the planes changes slightly and you get new decal options.  As a modeler you get a second or third chance at the model as well meaning hopefully you can perfect the latest subject.  With all that said, I hope to see some new planes that are not variants in the future.  A Fokker triplane, Spad, Nieuport, etc… amongst many others would be nice.

WNW: Rolands

June 15, 2014

It has been a while since I have posted. Work and a one year old son have kept me very busy.  In the mean time, WNW has released three new kits in the past 6 months.  A pair of Roland C.II aircraft “Walfisch” or “Whale” are now available.  The early model C.II is kit# 32026 and C.IIa is kit# 32041.  WNW also released kit# 32017 which is a Roland D.VIb, which is a variant of the Roland D.VIa represented in an earlier kit by WNW.  The cool thing about Roland aircraft is the designers focus on aerodynamics.  Check out Windsock Datafiles #37 (hard to find) and #49.  Both are out of print.

WNW Salmson: Plenty of Choices

January 5, 2014

As promised by Wingnut Wings, they have released their Salmson model.  They have issued two separate kits, 32038 and 32059, covering slight variations and marking options representing French, Japanese, and American.  The kits came available right before WNW shutdown for the holidays, but you can order them now and I would expect them to ship right away when they return around 01/13/2014.  As I have hinted to in recent post with respect to my interest, the Salmson is a really cool plane.  It was a heavily manufactured aircraft. There have been a couple different brands releasing Salmson of late including WNW and Gaspatch, although in different scales.  I am particularly drawn to the length of the plane and its dual rear lewis machine guns. The Windsock datafile (#109) is excellent and readily available. It is also very promising that WNW is offering an aircraft from a country other than Germany or Britain.  Hopefully they will offer more French aircraft in the future.  I’d be interested in Spads, Nieuports, Morane-Saulnier, Voisin, Caudron, etc…  I’d also like to see some of the unique aircraft created by Italy and more float aircraft.

WNW Surprise Christmas Release

December 6, 2013

For the last few weeks or so I have been checking the Wingnut Wings webpage to see if they would release any of the kits I mentioned in my recent post.  Based on their updates and “Coming Soon”, I have patiently been waiting on the Salmson 2-A2, which they state is due out mid-December (hopefully it will drop before the shipping deadlines).  I keep checking on this one as the posted instruction manual is not complete and I really want to see what paint/decal options they will provide.

I checked the website again today and just as they did last year with the Hannover, they surprised me with a Christmas release ready to ship immediately.  It is the AMC DH9, kit 32035.  They are limiting purchase to 2 per customer prior to Christmas as they have limited stock in the near term.  Mine is already on order.

WNW releasing this aircraft prior to many others I can think of is a little surprising in some ways. The DH9 was meant to build upon the successful AMC DH4.  It didn’t really live up to the bar and hence the DH9a was created with an improved engine.   The two kits do appear to have a great bit of commonality of parts (The DH9a Late is due out in the future as well according to their website).   From a modelling perspective, it is another classic two seater and contains plenty of detail.  WNW has chosen some very interesting decal/paint options as well.  I am not quite sure which one suits me best, but there are plenty more to build prior.

Thanks again WNW!

More Wingnuts!

November 2, 2013

It has been a while since I have updated my posts.  An infant son, work, life, etc… all account to that.  I haven’t stopped following my favorite vendor though.

Wingnut Wings has just released two new kits, which were announced some time ago:  kit 32021, Fokker E.1 Early, and kit 32029, Fokker E.IV.  There are plenty of detail and decal options for each as well allowing the modeler to choose their favorite subject. I suggest that fellow modelers grab the Windsock Specials Fokker Eindecker Compendium 1 & 2.  There are also Windsock Datafiles 15 & 91.  There are a few other good publications from Osprey and Squadron Signal that folks may already have. Wingnut Wings list references on their website on the main page for each model plus on the bottom of the first page of each manual.

These two kits round out the Eindecker series, which Wingnuts has so diligently captured which also includes kit 32018 Fokker E.II/E.III and kit 32048 Fokker E.III Late.  They also released a combo kit 32802, Fokker E.III & DH.2 “The Duelists”.  This combo kit includes two complete kits in a unique box with one possible subject per aircraft, but unique none the less.  With that said, you can’t forget the British aircraft of that period.  Wingnuts covers two of their primary aircraft with kit 32014 FE.2b Early and kit 32028 AMC DH.2.

Since my last post Wingnuts has release several other kits as well.  Kit 32031 Fokker D.VII F was a little bit of a surprise to me as kits 32011 (Fok), 32027 (Alb), and 32030 (Oaw) covered a substantial set of variants and specific aircraft from the three primary manufacturers.  Not to mention, Wingnuts released 4 decal sets to provide further options.  However the D.VII F was apparently the variant of choice for pilots, so it makes since that Wingnuts releases another kit…of course it does!

Oh by the way, be on the look out for this new release: “Building the Wingnut Wings Fokker D.VII”.  It apparently covers all four kits and is jammed packed with period pics, build pics, instructions, accessory reviews, interviews, etc…  I was told that Byrd Aviation will have it soon for those in the US.

Two other kits released were kit 32020 Sopwith Snipe Early and kit 32021 Sopwith Snipe Late.  I hadn’t paid much attention to the Snipe previously as I had always focused my attention on the Pup, Tripe and Camel.  After becoming aware of these releases and reviewing references and actual photographs, I’ve really began to admire the lines of the air frame and look forward to building them.

I have to say that I am really excited about some of Wingnut Wing’s announced future releases you can view on their website.  I have previously mentioned kit 32038 Salmson 2-A2/Otsu 1.  It is a really cool French two seater with great shape and armament.  I can’t wait to see it when released.  Wingnuts also appears to be releasing variants of the Bristol Fighter (Late) kit 32060 and a DH.9a “Ninak” (Late) kit 32061.  Should they stop releasing variants…absolutely not!  I am not quite sure where I will display the other announced release kit 32034 AEG G.IV, but I can’t wait to own it and model it.  Make sure you have Windsock Datafile #51.  It is currently out of print but has plenty of detail, so grab it from Byrd, a show or Ebay if the price is right.

Surprise Release!?

December 1, 2012

Can you believe it? A surprise release from Wingnut Wings just in time for Christmas.  Kit 32024 is a 1/32 Hannover Cl.II low level, two seat escort/ground attack fighter.  Two seaters are great and I am sure this kit will be desired by many.  The kit includes 5 decal options plus their camera accessory sprue.

If you take a quick look at their model kit list, you may also notice that Wingnut Wings added a new in development kit.  It is a French Salmson 2-A2 used primarily in a tactical reconnaissance role.  It’s great to see a new country represented in their model line and I also look forward to all the other planes that fill their number system, which currently contains peculiar gaps.

Finally Here!

November 26, 2012

Wingnut Wings has released their Fokker D.VII Kit. Actually they released three different kits covering the different D.VII manufacturers. I am still a little shocked… They also released four different additional decal sets for these kits. Anyone interested in this plane will have a ton of options. I just started reviewing the manuals, decal schemes, part pictures, and decal pictures for myself. I haven’t been able to take it all in, but I can say that the attention detail is as anyone familiar with Wingnut Wings should expect.  It appears that the decals are a step above what has been offered with their previous kit with respect to options and complexity. Merry Christmas a month early!