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WNW Surprise Christmas Release

December 6, 2013

For the last few weeks or so I have been checking the Wingnut Wings webpage to see if they would release any of the kits I mentioned in my recent post.  Based on their updates and “Coming Soon”, I have patiently been waiting on the Salmson 2-A2, which they state is due out mid-December (hopefully it will drop before the shipping deadlines).  I keep checking on this one as the posted instruction manual is not complete and I really want to see what paint/decal options they will provide.

I checked the website again today and just as they did last year with the Hannover, they surprised me with a Christmas release ready to ship immediately.  It is the AMC DH9, kit 32035.  They are limiting purchase to 2 per customer prior to Christmas as they have limited stock in the near term.  Mine is already on order.

WNW releasing this aircraft prior to many others I can think of is a little surprising in some ways. The DH9 was meant to build upon the successful AMC DH4.  It didn’t really live up to the bar and hence the DH9a was created with an improved engine.   The two kits do appear to have a great bit of commonality of parts (The DH9a Late is due out in the future as well according to their website).   From a modelling perspective, it is another classic two seater and contains plenty of detail.  WNW has chosen some very interesting decal/paint options as well.  I am not quite sure which one suits me best, but there are plenty more to build prior.

Thanks again WNW!

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