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WNW Salmson: Plenty of Choices

January 5, 2014

As promised by Wingnut Wings, they have released their Salmson model.  They have issued two separate kits, 32038 and 32059, covering slight variations and marking options representing French, Japanese, and American.  The kits came available right before WNW shutdown for the holidays, but you can order them now and I would expect them to ship right away when they return around 01/13/2014.  As I have hinted to in recent post with respect to my interest, the Salmson is a really cool plane.  It was a heavily manufactured aircraft. There have been a couple different brands releasing Salmson of late including WNW and Gaspatch, although in different scales.  I am particularly drawn to the length of the plane and its dual rear lewis machine guns. The Windsock datafile (#109) is excellent and readily available. It is also very promising that WNW is offering an aircraft from a country other than Germany or Britain.  Hopefully they will offer more French aircraft in the future.  I’d be interested in Spads, Nieuports, Morane-Saulnier, Voisin, Caudron, etc…  I’d also like to see some of the unique aircraft created by Italy and more float aircraft.

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