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WNW: Rolands

June 15, 2014

It has been a while since I have posted. Work and a one year old son have kept me very busy.  In the mean time, WNW has released three new kits in the past 6 months.  A pair of Roland C.II aircraft “Walfisch” or “Whale” are now available.  The early model C.II is kit# 32026 and C.IIa is kit# 32041.  WNW also released kit# 32017 which is a Roland D.VIb, which is a variant of the Roland D.VIa represented in an earlier kit by WNW.  The cool thing about Roland aircraft is the designers focus on aerodynamics.  Check out Windsock Datafiles #37 (hard to find) and #49.  Both are out of print.

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